Tuesday, January 22, 2013

31 Days to Clean

So I have found something new to take on. I was perusing Amazon the other night looking for a book that Proverbs 31 is doing an online study in February with. Let. It. Go. How to stop running the show and start walking in faith. You should check it out. However, the recommended books that they put below also caught my interest. I saw this little one at the bottom and was intrigued.

So I bought it. I mean $4.99 for a Kindle edition. Even if I didn't like it, it wasn't that much lost. So far? I love it. The reading is short. Yay for me (for those of you that know me and my reading habits). It's also inspiring and the tasks for that day are totally doable with the rest of your busy schedule. Makes me feel like I can do this. I have just started and am on day 3. If I remember I'll keep you up to date on my progress.

Miss LMS 2013 Pageant

This past Saturday night Sidney participated in the Miss LMS Pageant. Even though I, along with others, thought she was beautiful and should have at least gotten a favorite she didn't get anything. The down side? Of course we were disappointed. The up side? Sidney could care less. She is has the attitude of "oh well, there is next year." Wow! This from a 13 year old girl. I am so proud. Here are a few shots of her getting ready and her dress that my mom took with her phone. I'll have better photos later when I can get Evan to download them for me. Toodles!

Lunch with Reese

I went and had lunch with Reese and his class. He is such a goofball.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy New Year

Hi all. Those of you who actually still check my blog (if there is anybody) thanks for checking in. Yes, I know. Shocking that I am writing a post since I didn't write ANY last year. Wow! I am really behind. I have decided to get back to updating my blog with things about our family. Maybe I'll even get some subscribers.

A lot has happened since I last wrote. In a nutshell here are some of the updates.

My oldest is now 13 years old. Wow! Where has the time gone. This past Thanksgiving she broke her ankle roller skating and got braces in the same week. Wowzer! She was a champ through it all. She did get her cast off before her birthday so that was awesome so she could enjoy her party. She also participated in the UAB Honor Band and made 13th chair Clarinet in the Gold Band. I was SO excited. That is the same band I was in my first year. She is in 7th grade this year. This weekend she will be participating in the LMS Pageant again. Fingers crossed.

My youngest is 3 years old. He is getting so big and so smart everyday. He has new favorite words and phrases popping up all the time. Right now he is running around saying "awkward." Sometimes the situations in which he says it are appropriate and I am like "what?" He ran through the kitchen the other morning with he pj pants hiked up to his belly button yelling "I'm Ferb, I'm Ferb." He was referring to the character on Phineas and Ferb. It was so sophisticated and funny. He is such a mess.

Last July I left my job of 8 years at Luckie and Co. here in Birmingham. I loved the company, but Evan and I decided it was time for me to make a change for me and my family. Now I am a stay at home mom and I have really loved it so far. I don't have to ask for the day off to take my daughter to the doctor and that is awesome. I usually hang around the house with Evan as he works from the house. I can take both kids to school everyday and pick them up. I don't have to miss so much of their lives.

I guess that is enough for now. I promise to update more often. Thanks for reading.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's Homecoming Week at LMS

They had dress up days and here are Sid's pics. The first is nerd day, then wacky tacky day and finally decade day.

Homecoming Week